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Head sucking.

Shrunken John(40yo/1ft) is for rent.
Five dollars for ten minutes sucking.

Anita comes and looks for John.
She is 24yo, short hair, 6ft tall.
She has braces, full lips, and
her tongue is light pink and has
a piercing. She is very nice.
He is wet sweating and seems
to be salty and delicious.
Anita begins to rub her tongue at his neck.
Later she smiles for him, and says him
that he is very tasty.
And sucks his head for more than a minute,
And later she gives him a minute to
his to recover his breath again.
And She says him that if she had money,
She bought him to be her mouth slave forever.

Now it’s Jessica’s turn to rent him.

Jessica is (23yo/5ft)
She has long hair, ebony, full lips
but isn’t so nice.
After humiliating him to relax her
because she is having not so nice day,
She begins to hub her full lips over
His face, and rubs slowly her tongue
over all his skin,
Later she says him that he is not so bad,
But poor of him if he were hers.

Now it’s Michelli’s turn.
She’s 25yo/6ft, has long hair,
very nice, but has very bad breath.
Poor of him because She rented him
30 minutes to sucking him.
She talked very much about her
problems to him,
with her mouth near him.
All bad breath goes directly
to his nose.
While she talked, she sucked
and nibbled all his body, and
enjoyed him very much.

Later it’s time to have a rest
and get breath again, because
tomorrow dozen of nice 18 older than
girls will suck and nibble him,

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My Wife’s Mouth

He tries to escape from there,
But all his members are handcuffed
He tries to breathe,
But her saliva almost blocks his breath
He screams, but it’s imperceptive.
She yawns, and he can breathe a little
And enjoy beautiful curves at her palate
All her teeth are clean and white
Later, to his despair, she closes her mouth.
He almost can not breathe.
She took a drag on a cigarette,
And all smoke goes over him
It’s the price for cheating on her.
He’ll live forever as her piercing.



2 ft Tall Slave Husband

Did you know for what are husbands like you?
-Open your mouth – She says for him.
And she puts cigarette ashes inside there.
-Swallow it now! – She says for him.
He cries a little, but swallows the ashes.
She smokes tens of cigarretes a day,
And smokes over night
And puts all ashes inside his mouth.
Later she goes to sleep
And puts him at her cage.
So he can have a rest.



Bad 30 y.o. girlfriend

After some days, she arrives at home
And goes to her closet to see
Her shrunken boyfriend
That she keeps stuck inside a glass,
With a few biscuit pieces.

– Hi, sweet boy, how are you?
– I’d like to go out from here!
– Really? – Said her smiling for him.

She begins to tease him drooling over him.
He tries to take the drool from his skin.
But she continues drooling over him
For many minutes.
He begs for her to stop, but useless.

For many days, she drools over him.
The pool of drool is almost at her nose.
He begs for her to stop, but useless.
She says him that won’t stop drooling.
And continues to drool daily over him.

He is almost drowned,
But she ignores it.
He dies slowly but she ignores it.



Her toy.

She arrived at home tired
Because she had hard work day.
His shrunken husband is waiting her.
He didn’t eat because she hidden all.
She is going to change her clothes
She is all naked.

– Do you know where I am going to put you?

She smiles and shows her pussy for him.

– But I couldn’t breathe inside there.

She smiles for him sarcastically.

She bagin to massage her pussy with her finger.
And she moans with orgasm
When her pussy is wet, she begins to insert his feet.
He begs screaming for his life, but useless.
She is now inserting his legs,
And She is moaning with pleasure
Now only his head is out of her pussy
He’s screaming begging, increasing her orgasm.
She how cums over his head, screaming with orgasm.
Now She inserts his head and close her legs.
And enjoys her orgasm.
Later she takes him off from her pussy
And kisses his body and says:
– You make me crazy in orgasm. I love you.

And put him inside her cage.



Bad 22 y.o. Girlfriend

-I am hungry.
Says the shrunken boyfriend
That’s stuck among her legs
While she plays cards
With her friends.
-I am hungry. Says him again.
But she always ignores him.
The playing matches take many hours.
He must wait too long among her legs.
After more than 6 hours playing cards,
She puts him inside her little cage.
Next day morning, she has breakfast
And him can only look. For all day,
She gives him nothing to eat
When he begs she smiles to him
And ignores his supplication.
Next day, the same:
When she eats, she gives him nothing.
Now he is weak and can not stand.
She is looking at him, and smiles to him.
But gives him nothing to eat.
He moves less and less.
But she won’t give him food.
Se watches him as he dies slowly.
It’s the price for his cheating



At boite with giantess.

A boy has been spending the holidays
In a city where women are giantess.
He was at a nightclub in this city.
Soon came a mulatto lady.
His head was slightly below her waist.
They talked, and, soon,
She called him to show something
At her home.
There, she sat down in the armchair
and asked him to make love
He, awkwardly, began to massage her
She moaned, and soon entered
In orgasm, and dipped his hand.
She wiped all the liquid
Over his body.
After she left him waiting in her room.
-I need to go home.
-You’re mine, now beautiful. Your home is here.
-See you soon. Bye.



At giantess planet

At giantess planet, a group of eartylings men
Crosses the tight rope among two montains.
Below there are giantesses with open mouth
Waiting men to fall into their mouths.
A man falls, over a wet and large tongue.
Her saliva is sticky, and there is no escape.
He tries to go out, useless.
She sucks his salty sweat.
Later she spits him inside a glass
And puts the glass into her dress.
Another man also falls into a mouth,
She sucks, enjoy his sweat, and swallows him.
Another man falls inside a woman’s mouth,
But she’ll keep him alive to make her nails daily.
All eartylings men were captured by women.
Nothing arrived at other montain.



The Acid Woman

A man is walking on an island.
He saw a giant woman sitting.
He tried to escape from her.
But She is very friendly.
And cativated him. They talked a lot.
She asks him:

-If I put you inside my mouth as candy,
and suck you?

-Your mouth, teeth and tongue are gorgeous,
But I woudn’t like to be in your mouth.

She smiled, and says him:

-Your sweat seems to be so tasty.

She is giant and so he fits inside her mouth.

In despite of his supplications,
she put him inside her mouth.
And sucks him.

He begs to go out from her mouth, but useless.

Her saliva is acidic, and begins to
Melt and burn him.

It takes nine days for melt him completely.




A 21 y.o. soprano went to theatre to sing a famous opera.
She is a little fat, very white, and has long hair.
And she is very friendly.
Two hours later, after the opera, she yawned,
And a strange piercing could be seen at her tongue.
It’s her shrunken husband. At an interview
She said that She keeps him stuck there because
She doesn’t want to be away from him no time.
And she doesn’t trust him because of his behavior.
He always says hello to ladies, and his wife hates it.
Later she showed him at her tongue to the cameras,
Everyone saw that poor husband there.
He didn’t stop moving trying to go out from her tongue.
But useless
In despite of wishes from people,
She said that won’t take him from her tongue.
And smiled to the people.
The shrunken husband seemed to be sad, stuck in his captivity
And maybe he’s deaf, because of operas inside her mouth.



Gorgeous 25 y.o. Mulatto Girl

She arrives at home and opens her closet.
And looks at her captive boyfriend.
She smiles for him,
Put a dish full of food near him,
But he can’t take food from there.
Then she says for him:
-I’ll give you dinner, only
If you answer me a single question:
-Who drinks Grapette repeats it.
If who drinks Grapette goes away, who lefts?
– Repeats it.
And She repeats the question again:
-Who drinks Grapette repeats it.
If who drinks Grapette goes away, who lefts?
– Repeats it.
And she repeats it thousands of times.
Later she goes out with friends,
And let him there eating cold food.




Wife has fun with her husband
20 y.o. asian waits her husband.
When he arrives at home,
They have dinner,
Later he is shrank to 8 inches
Due to a shrinker substance at his food.
She prepared a glass full of spit
And said him that he’ll be tall again
Only if he enters that glass.
He begs for her but she keeps her order.
He has no choice and enters the glass.
She smiles for him, and says “Good man!”
Now you are my toy. She closes the glass,
And put it near her bed to enjoy her pet toy.
Trying to go out from there useless.
She’ll keep the poor man inside there
And she’ll show her relic for her friends.
Later maybe she’ll give him some food.



Boyfriend shrunken to four inches tall

He woke up stuck in a place full of liquid,
Which he proved, and saw it was yogurt.
After a few hours, someone opens the door
And a beautiful woman appears.
She took him out, and put him in her mouth,
And was sucking him for several minutes.
Then she said to him that shrank him,
To steal him for her, because he was her
Love dream for many years.
Later, she put him inside a sweet glass.
And she said him that later will suck him again.
He tried to escape but useless.
He passed inside there until night.
Later she took him and put him inside her mouth.
And sucked him for a few hours while watched a film.



The Captive Boyfriend

He tries to scream, call for her.
Try to get out of that dark place and molasses,
But see who is caught by the waist,
Into something luscious.
You can only move his arms and shouting in vain.
Until the wall opposite, dark and honeydew
It stands for a moment.
Then he sees the girl applying lipstick, smiling,
And looking in the mirror.
He seemed to smile sarcaticamente of his situation.
Then he sees that she fulfilled what she said:
She threw magic potion over him, miniaturized him,
And put him stuck in the gums, as garnish.
Gives nothing for him to eat, he has to eat
The remains of what she chews or drinks.
If he tries to escape, is in vain.
Many years pass, and it is there,
likewise stuck in her gum.



Among her breasts

An afternoon, a gorgeous neckline girl
Were at snack bar drinking coke.
A guy came to woo her. They talked a lot.
Then she threw him a potion over him.
He was shrunken to a feet tall man.
She put him between large breasts.
And took him for her.
There were no change to escape.
Almost he could not breathe in there.
Sometimes she away a little her breasts.
And licked him a little
Before he say something to her,
She touched her breasts.
Hardly she gave anything to him.
Just a little bit of chewed food.
She will keep her little pet man
As their eternal relic.



She wants him

Beautiful 18 y.o. came from Bangcok to know Rio de Janeiro.
She’s university student, she lives alone in a room.
She has 8 ft tall, thin body, black and long hair
And big desires for a man.
She needs someone to talk and type works for her,
And mostly to attend her desires.
Some day she found her friend that don’t want more
her 2 ft tall boyfriend, and will bring him for her.
Next day her friend arrived at night with the 2 ft tall man
He loved the body and sympathy in his new girlfriend.
When her friend went away,
She makes caring slowly at his body and hair,
She says him for forget his old girlfriend that gave him for her.
And welcomes him. She licks and sucks slowly all his body
And She kisses all his body, and says that is loving him.
Now she nibbles slowly all his body.
And now she says him that she wants a night of love.
They make a wonderful night of love.
Now she’ll sleep using him as pillow.
Her drolling wets all his face slowly.



Giantess goes to a disco

She’s sitting at disco, waiting a man to have a talk.
She’s 10 feet tall, mulatto skin, thick legs and lips.
And is very sympatic and gentle, a dream of all men.
When a guy appears to have a talk
They talk a lot, and she calls him to her home.
Because she wants to show him a thing.
When they arrive at hePregnancy Desire

She shrank her boyfriend
Using her magic pistol.
He is now with one feet tall.
She will now have fun with him:
She – How are you my dear boyfriend?
He – I want to be tall again!
She – Later my dear. I want you this way.
She – I am with pregnancy desire.
She – I want to eat something very delicious.
He – What?
She is thinking in eat her boyfriend
She – Something salty and delicious.
She licks his salty and sweaty forehead.
And says smiling for him:
She – If I want to eat you?
He – What! No! Please my sweet.
He sweat a lot due to afraid of being eaten.
She licks and sucks slowly all his body,
Ignoring his supplications.
She says – I need you, I am with desire.
And she bites a bit from his arm.
He tries to escape from her but useless.
She bites slowly a few parts from his body.
Until eat all his body in despite of
His supplications.

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